Build a Bath Bomb Workshop

Bath bombs (bath salts) are cosmetics that, in contact with water, are effervescent. They are used during the bath for the benefits that they bring to the body due to the ingredients, as well as for the relaxing effect offered by the released aroma. These make bath bombs often used and loved.

The bath bomb workshop is built in partner NGOs, day centers or residential centers for disadvantaged adults. Its purpose is to involve the beneficiaries of the centers in cosmetic production activities, in the form of occupational therapy. Finally, we aim to develop the skills of the disadvantaged adults for socio-professional integration.

The process of creating a bath bomb involves a series of clearly detailed steps at the time of implementation. The main steps are:

1. Manufacture

2. Painting / ornamentation

3. Packing

4. Cleaning the workshop

A workshop is structured for two people to work simultaneously, under the supervision of an occupational therapist. The occupational therapist has the task of assisting, ensuring the proper handling of the equipment, verifying the correct measurement of the ingredients according to the recipes and monitoring the progress of the disadvantaged adults.

Disadvantaged adults who carry out activities in the bath bomb workshop benefit from an environment in which they have the opportunity to use their skills, by creating a finished product that can be placed on the market. Also, the processes listed above lead to increases in communication and relationship skills, organization, discipline, teamwork and independence.

The manufactured bath bombs are distributed for any donation, on the website of the social enterprise ( as well as in fairs. The money obtained is used to ensure the sustainability of the workshop and to set up new workshops.

The total costs for the implementation of the workshop are 4000 Euro, broken down into:

– equipment 55%

– raw material for 6 months of work 25%

– administrative costs / transport / documentation / laboratory tests for the products 20%

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